Natural Slate

The high-quality natural product enjoys a long tradition as a building material. Its water-repellent properties and robustness make slate the ideal material for roofs and ventilated facades.

Versatile, Aesthetic, Sustainable

As a locally occurring raw material, natural slate shapes the character of many historical buildings and homes in Switzerland. However, the timelessly beautiful stone has long since found its way into modern architecture. Slate gives new buildings a natural accent and harmonizes with various building materials such as concrete, glass, or wood. The robust natural material is extremely durable and ecologically valuable.

Slate was formed millions of years ago by the compaction of fine-grained clay sludge under high pressure. In Pizrog's slate works in Spain, the stone is carefully extracted from the mountain and split using purely mechanical methods. Qualified employees cut the slate to the desired shape in the local production halls. The natural material protects buildings for generations and withstands all weather conditions.

Natural Slate from the Family-Owned Quarry

With its own slate works in the Spanish province of Galicia, Pizrog has expertise from extraction to processing to installation. Significant reserves guarantee the long-term availability of our premium natural slate in three colors.

Pizrog Negra

Our Negra slate variety features a silky matte surface. The anthracite-colored natural slate is increasingly used as a building envelope in new constructions – as a roof or ventilated, curtain wall facade.

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Pizrog Gris

The Pizrog Gris impresses with a matte, finely structured surface. The warm color tone appears light to medium gray depending on the sunlight and gives historic buildings and new residential houses plenty of character.

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Pizrog Verde

The matte look and the fine aqua-green tint make our Pizrog Verde appear particularly natural. Buildings covered or clad with this slate variety blend particularly well into rural or pre-alpine environments.

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Nat­ur­al Slate Vari­ants

Haven't found the right stone yet? In ad­di­tion to our own vari­et­ies, we also pro­cess Nor­we­gi­an Otta Phyl­lite or nat­ur­al slate from Canada in the col­ors purple and green – per­fect for mul­ti­colored or­na­ments.

« At Pizrog, I found exactly the right slate for the roof renovation of a valuable monument. Despite the short-term request, the ordered natural slate was ready on time and in perfect quality.

Theo Tradition

Monument Preservation Canton of Bern

Properties and Areas of Application

Traditional and Modern Slate Roofs

Thanks to its easy splitability and weather-resistant surface, slate has always been popular as a roofing material. In addition to rustic slate roofs in mountain regions, numerous modern applications can be found today. The high-quality slate from Pizrog is manufactured directly in the factory in Spain and is available in numerous shapes.

Facades Made of Natural Slate

Whether for new constructions or renovations, slate facades give any building a timeless character. Natural slate facades are extremely low-maintenance and durable: when professionally installed, they last for several generations. Pizrog delivers high-quality material made to measure and in a short time.

Your Slate Expert

Are you planning a construction project with slate and looking for the right stone? Fridolin Vogel looks forward to a personal exchange.

Portrait of Fridolin Vogel

Fridolin Vogel

Head of Sales Department




Interesting Facts about Natural Slate

Where does Pizrog's slate come from?

Our own slate works are located in the Spanish province of Galicia. The three varieties are extracted at different sites, giving the stone its characteristic color. Pizrog relies on environmentally friendly extraction methods and fair working conditions for local skilled workers.

Is slate sustainable?

Slate is considered an ecologically valuable building material due to its natural state and durability. Its processing requires little energy. Slate is completely free of pollutants and can be easily recycled or disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

How much does natural slate cost?

With prices per square meter ranging between 80 and 120 francs, natural slate is not among the cheapest building materials. However, thanks to its lifespan of around 100 years and low maintenance requirements, the higher investment costs are easily amortized.

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