Repair and Maintenance

When well-maintained, natural stone, quartz composite, and ceramic surfaces can bring joy for decades. Careful handling and basic knowledge of the material used help prevent damage or premature wear.

Each material reacts differently to environmental influences and should therefore be cleaned and maintained specifically. The following principles generally apply: Clean the surfaces immediately after use to prevent stains from forming. Avoid abrasive cleaning agents to prevent scratches. And most importantly, use the appropriate cleaning agent for each material. Our care instructions provide an overview.

Our Maintenance Services

Not all maintenance tasks can be easily performed by oneself. Rely on our repair and maintenance service to professionally treat your natural or artificial stone surfaces. Treat your gem to a professional refresh and book the following services – regularly or as needed:

  • Repair of chips in edges or surfaces
  • Repair of cracks in edges or surfaces
  • Renewal of silicone joints
  • Creation of stone putty joints
  • Extraction of stains
  • Polishing
  • Cleaning and impregnation

Our Service Specialist for Natural Stone

Scratches on the countertop, dull surfaces, leaking joints? With our stone maintenance service in the Zurich Oberland, we are quickly on hand to make your natural stone product shine again.

Portrait of Rogelio Moral

Rogelio Moral

Production Manager




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